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Vandas can live for many years.
Mature vandas often bloom twice a year and flowers last an average of 4 weeks.

Tips for vanda care:

What vandas like:

  • Good air movement .
  • Thoroughly watered until roots turn from white to green - every day during summer and less during Florida winter. Mist roots daily. ( To prevent cracks, water the roots before handling them. Cracks on the roots aren't harmful.)
  • Bright light ( full morning sun). Prefers outdoors during summer. Thrives when hung under trees.
  • High humidity.
  • Fertilizer every other week. Use 20-20-20 for balanced fertilizer. Use bloom booster to promote flowering.

What vandas don't like:

  • Water sitting too long in the leaf crowns.
  • Sudden drop in temperature. Plants must be gradually acclimatized to handle these changes.
  • Temperatures 55 degrees and below.
  • Full noon sun.

Watch out for:

  • Yellow leaves - means too much sun; could also indicate not enough fertilizer. Leaves should be light green.
  • Too dark green leaves - needs more sun. Plant may not flower.
  • Softening or wrinkling of lower leaves - means it's underwatered.
  • Tips of the leaves dying - may mean too much fertilizer